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Dr. Jabir H. Syed

Project Lead

Dr. Jabir H. Syed is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Department of Meteorology, COMSATS University Islamabad Pakistan. He is an ex-PIFI fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests are mainly focused on chemicals and waste and to study their impacts on environment and climate. In addition, monitoring and analysis of emerging toxic substances has been remained his forte which has gained him national as well international recognition. Dr. Syed is the lead author of the Chemical Policy of Pakistan and Updating National Implementation Plan (NIP) for Phasing Out and Elimination of POPs from Pakistan under Stockholm Convention.

Phone: +92 345 4824777 Email: jabir.syed@comsats.edu.pk


Saad Shah


Saad Shah is the Circular Plastics Lead at Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited, Pakistan’s sole manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride. Under his leadership, Engro has developed Pakistan’s leading private sector initiative on contributing to a circular economy for plastics in Pakistan in collaboration with multiple private, public, academic, and informal sector stakeholders. Mr. Shah’s background is in the areas of the environmental, social, and political sectors, and has earned his bachelor’s degree in economics, and master’s degree in Sustainable Development, both from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Phone: +92 301 827 6627 Email: shussainshah@engro.com


Shiza Aslam

Research Fellow

Shiza Aslam holds an MSc in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (Erasmus Mundus Scholar) and more than 3 years of experience in the circular economy sphere. She has been involved in various (inter)national projects revolving around secondary resource management and social sustainability in end of life (EoL) product/waste management, life cycle assessments, public health, and economic benefits of adequate and inclusive waste management.

Phone: +92 334 1302977 Email: shiza.aslam@ksbl.edu.pk


Asma Gul Qazi

Research Assistant

Asma Gul Qazi holds an MPhil degree in Environmental Sciences with an interest in life cycle assessment, circular economy, informal recycling sector, and municipal solid waste management. She has an experience of more than 5 years in various environment and development projects. She also is an International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) scholar. Her recent research involves plastics and PVC industry scenarios in the context of policy and life cycle in Pakistan.

Phone: +92 333 8900938 Email: qazi390@hotmail.com